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Teragram Therapy

TeragramTM Therapy is a healing technique which uses colored healing stones to calm and relax the body' s energies in a healing process. They are natural stone agates that can be placed upon certain parts of the body where the Major Chakras (energy vortices) are located.

The TeragramsTM will redirect your energy in a manner that will help you to develop the best healing effects.

TeragramTM Therapy may be used with Energy Therapy (Reiki), Crystal Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and other therapy treatments in a excellent process of healing and revitalization.

TeragramTM therapy was created by Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops.

"Dwayne has been a great student, who has learned and practices his craft with great diligence. I am sure that all his clients will beneift from his skills and arts as a healer and Spiritual Medium and Minister Practitioner." Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D. 11-11-09

Tarot Reading

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